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Ports other than 5222?

We have been trying in vain to get the xiff library to connect to our Jive Messenger server in flash over any other port then 5222. It always fails with a “service unavailable” error, despite the fact that other jabber clients have no problem. We have tried every conceivable cross domain file loading strategy. Does anyone know if there is something in xiff that won’'t allow other ports than 5222? Even running a web server on the same ip address as the Jabber server over a different port and loading the .fla from there fails, when it should not need a cross domain file at all…

Thanks in advance for any help.

Paul S.

Are you below port 80?

I tried through port 81 unsiccesfully.

My bad … I don’'t know why the heck I wrote port 80, I meant port 1024. (Too much apache configuration lately or something.) Anyway, you said you tried every conceivable crossdomain security configuration? Where are you serving the crossdomain.xml file from?

Note: A policy file served by an XMLSocket server has the same syntax as any other policy file, except that it must also specify the ports to which access is granted. When a policy file comes from a port lower than 1024, it can grant access to any ports; when a policy file comes from port 1024 or higher, it can grant access only to other ports 1024 and higher. The allowed ports are specified in a “to-ports” attribute in the tag.