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Ports that must be opened

Hello I’'m using Openfire 3.3 Community edition and I would like to know what ports I need to open for my spark to work from the outside. Does anyone know where I can find a list or maybe just know off the top of your head?



You just need port 5222. If you want to talk to other XMPP-servers, you need 5269, too.

You can find that list on Openfire’'s web interface right at the first page after logging in (at the bottom).

I have 5222 open…and I guess it technically does connect but I get an error that my username/password is incorrect (after a long timeout). Also the server is behind a NAT firewall, I think that makes a difference but I had the Stun ports open as well. Another thing I wasnt sure about was what protocol does the port need to be opened for. I’'m trying all TCP but i tried udp on 5222 as well. Still nothing.

Thanks for your help.

well never mind on this whole thing.

I figured it out. it turned out to be a misconfig with my portforwarding.