Ports used by spark

I am just wondering if when spark connects to a server it uses the 5222 or 5223 port and then the server opens a connection back to the client on a different port?

i am trying to connect to a server but cannot seem to access it. (ports are forwareded on the router the server is behind)

any ideas on what i should try?



Spark connects to port 5222 unless you specify another port. It does support plain/TLS and no longer “OLD SSL / port 5223”.

So you usually don’‘t need to open a port / configure a router for Spark to work. Spark supports a SOCKS proxy if you don’'t have access to the internet.


Ok i was able to connect to the server by connecting to the 5223 port and using the old SSL method in the advanced options.

hehe, posted at the same time

the reason for the port forwarding is that it is behind a NATed firewall that does not allow me to access the server. im on a completely different network from the server.

i just using the public IP of the router to connect to which forwards data/traffic on the 5223 port to the internal IP address of the wildfire server.



I really wonder how it does work for you as Spark 2.x does not support old SSL.



that is strange, because it started working after i checked the box for Old SSL in the options