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Portuguese dictionary

Hi! I am from Brazil and the enterprise where I work asked me for a corporative service of IM and searching in the Jabber options I found the Spark and the Wildfire. Everyone is really impressed with the options and usability of your systems but we are having problems with the language pack of check spelling because we use speak in portuguese and I am not finding a way to convert the check spelling for portuguese or simply to don’'t have the check spelling service. Someone can show me how to do it?

Oh! And we are studying your commercial version of Wildfire and trying to show it as a good option for the enterprise owners.


http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=139604 did contain a similar feature request and the user did fix it by modifying the source code. Google’'s Translation service is used for the translations.

Spark 2.5 beta3 contains “Portuguese to English”, you may anyhow need to delete the existing translation plugin and make sure to install the new one.


Almost that. But my problem is in the check spelling and not with the translator, and although I think it is possible to work like stuarbain made in the other topic to use the translator to do the work of the check spelling it will need internet conncection everytime someone try to use the spark chat no? well, I just marked the option that turns disable the auto check spelling for now.

And sorry for the poor english but lately I am not keen on it.


sorry for mixing these two plugins. Wintertree seems to be the vendor. Maybe you want to sponsor IgniteRealtime to add the Brazilian Portuguese Dictionary so all Spark users may benefit from such a spell checker. If you want to do this please contact Matt.


Sorry for response so late.

But I can do what your asking. Although I couldn’t open the link you set. It could be because of the time. If you make it again I can talk with him.

@Matt Tucker … they did migrate to Clearspace but they did not update all links.