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Possible Bug?: Jive deletes AdminUser after Administration action

Hello there,

we have some users which uses Miranda as Client. If such a User is added to AdminGroup of a MUC Chat, he is able to administer some details like if a User is able to change Topic and so on.

This all works fine for us, except of one thing… If the AdminUser enables all Users to Change Topic he is afterwards deleted from AdminGroup !

But the change took affect. This is a really curius behaivour i think I searched for a known Bug or sepeciality of administration, but found nothing yet …

Any help is appreciated …

Regards Achim

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dont no if have understood you quite right. Why do you ythink it is connected with Miranda?

have tested with 2.1.4 (some night build):

Have one persistent chat room created in AC

added myself to admins of this room (through AC interface)

turned on option “All users can change Subject”

and i’'m still admin of this room

specify your steps with more details


i never said that it is connected to Miranda, it´s just the only Client which is used here where the problem exists.

1.) I make a user to an AdminUser via Web-Interface

2.) The User changes rights for creating topics for all users

After this both steps, this user isn´t any longer an AdminUser but he was before. The right is correct changed. After that all Users are able to change the topic.

But remark this room isn´t a room he created via Miranda. It´s a room which is made via Web-Interface and the room is persistent.

Any help is appreciated

Kind Regards