Possible bug with renaming of buddies and authorization

I didn’‘t see this reported elsewhere, but, I noticed today that when I rename AIM buddies in my client (mcabber 0.9.1), the buddy seems to lose my presence authorization. I have to resend auth and then all is fine. I’‘m not thinking it’‘s a client issue because it’‘s not happened with any Jabber-only buddies, and primarily seems to affect only AIM buddies (though I noticed it once on MSN, but not every time). Has anyone else seen a similar thing? I’‘m checking with the client author as well, and will try to get an XML dump just to make sure the client isn’'t revoking authorization, but I only noticed it once I switched to the IM plugin (I used the Py transports previously).


Howdy =)

GATE-188 is the issue related to why this occurs.