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Possible Gajim DoS?

I have noticed that any time I sign on to my OpenFire server with the Gajim client, the service immediately terminates. I’ve found no obvious reason for this in the log files (which are kinda painful to read) – I just get a bunch of signon/signoff events, and then everything drops dead.

Anyone else that has experienced this?

I have used nearly all Openfire versions since 3.2.3, but never got any “signon/signoff events”. Maybe you can post one of them?

It would also be helpful to say which versions of Openfire and Gajim you are using.

(which are kinda painful to read)

If have written an little bash script for this. It drops simply all lines that begin with “at”.

#! /bin/sh oldpath=$PWD
cd /home/martin/logs rm *.log
rm -rf small
mkdir small cp /opt/openfire/logs/* . for logfile in *
        grep -v "\(^\W*at\)" $logfile >small/$logfile
done cd $oldpath

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I’m using Openfire 3.4.5 and the latest version of Gajim. Server running on Win2K and gajim in Win XP.

I modified your script to run on the XP machine, downloaded the logs and parsed it. I get a connection reset error when I’m trying to attach them tho.

This occurs only with Gajim, with Psi running. Doesn’t happen with Psi and Pidgin nor Psi and Neos.

I’ll try to attach the logs in another reply so I don’t have to type this post a 3rd time


There are many ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException’s. Maybe this has something to do with traffic compression?

Traffic compression was only enabled in Psi. Gajim has no such option from as far as I can see in the config file. (Firing it up will bring Openfire to its knees 2 seconds after the roster is displayed, and kill the service)