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Possible plugin window bug?

In our environment we’'re required to go through a proxy server to access anything on the public internet.

If I haven’'t specified a proxy server and I click on the “Available” tab in the “Plugins” window, the message “Loading. Please wait…” is displayed in the list below until the message “Unable to contact the plugin registry” is displayed.

If, while the “Loading. Please wait…” message is displayed, I click on the “Installed” tab and then back to the “Available” tab, the “Loading. Please wait…” message appears twice in the list. Each time I do this (clicking from the Installed tab to the Available tab another “Loading. …” message is added to the list.

It looks as if each time this is done a new request is sent to the plugin repository because eventually an “Unable to contact the plugin registry” dialog window will pop up for every “Loading. …” message in the list.

Just wondering if this is a bug. Seems like it is.

Hi Sviens,

Yes, this is a bug, although minor. However, I will get the fix in for the 1.1.1 release

You can track the issue with SPARK-212.