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Possible to actively monitor chats?

I just started using OpenFire and it is really fantastic.

I wanted to know if it was possible to view the conversations between users and in any created chat rooms?

We may want to implement this in an office environment and tell everyone to watch what is discussed, as it can be monitored by their supers. And of course, more than just saying it, we’d like to be able to do this if we suspect anything.

Thanks in advance

The monitoring service plugin will give the ability to log all chats. It is not so much a realtime scrolling thing as a searchable log.

Thanks for the reply. Where is this log located or how can I view this info?

I’ve looked through the monitoring screens and didn’t see this option.

Once you download and install the monitoring service there will be a new submenu under the server tab of the admin page called archiving. This is where you can search for chats in your logs. You will need to enable the archiving function for the logging to begin.

Thanks for the help, that works.

Thats perfect! thank you very much