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Possible to limit chat server to read only?

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to set Openfire to limit all clients to read only mode except for certain users. The idea would be that by default anyone could login to the server and watch broadcast messages in a chat room/channel, but only certain users would be able to interact, chat, speak in the open channel.

Is this possible using Openfire?

Thank you


Check out the moderation settings for the individual chatroom.


Hello, thank you for your reply, but unfortunatelly under the room settings I haven’t found such an option to restrict a users ability to chat. There’s options to enforce room passwords, but that’s not what i’m looking to do.

I basically want to prevent users from contributing in an open forum style chat room, while still allowing them to see messages from users that have permission to speak.

Thank you.

I believe you wish to make the room moderated.


Unfortunately I tried that and that doesn’t stop users from chatting in the channel, I think this just means that moderators have an active role in the room.

Thank you again for trying.