Posting to Roster

I just took over the technology at our school. The person that held this position previously did not have any information Spark. I have the program up and running but I need to add some more people to our roster and delete some others. How do I do this??? I have looked and looked and can’t figure it out.

Well, it’s hard to determine what setup do you have from the information you gave. We need to know what server is in use and whether Spark is using server’s sharing roster or local one. Spark doesnt have an option to see server version (at least i dont know of that). Can you try installing Exodus client, login with same credentials as in Spark and then check Tools > Server version ? This will tell you what server is in use.

I can assume, that Openfire should be in use, the server from the same vendors as Spark. Then Spark is probably using shared roster setup in Admin Console of that roster. To change roster you will have to login to Admin Console with browser. http://servername_or_IP:9090 But you will have to know admin password. If you dont know and you have physical access to that server. Then you can stop that server and edit config file located in /Openfire/conf/. It’s - openfire.xml. You will have to change




and try to login to that page again, you then will have to go through a setup process again and will have an option to set new admin password.

I will tell you more about roster changing after you get to Admin Console (if you are using Openfire). Or maybe you’ll find out that yourself, administrating is pretty simple.

Assuming you are using LDAP: If you are using shared groups to populate the roster then in the openfire admin webpage click on the users/groups tab. Then click groups to see a complete list of groups the server can see. Share any additional groups you would want. If you need additional groups you need to create them in your LDAP server.

For the most part this is true for non-LDAP configs as well, except groups are made on the openfire server.

To really help you we need more information about the configuration of your openfire:

  • What version of openfire
  • What OS is the server
  • Are you using LDAP
  • What LDAP are you using if yes above

If you are running openfire 3.5.x or below please post the openfire.xml file found in the conf folder of the openfire install. Edit it for security. This file will greatly help us answer your questions. If you are on 3.6.x or above there is no need as most of this data is now housed in the database.