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Postinstall.sh and wildfired.sh missing

after running the setup on my CENTOS server i cannot find the redhat-postinstall.sh or wildfired.sh or even the bin.extra directory for that matter, i would like to set up openfire as a service, how do i do this.



I’'m not sure whether the rpm installer still contains these scripts.

You could download the tar.gz file and extract it to /tmp to get these scripts.

You could also take a look at http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/LinuxInstallationGuide and use the scripts supplied there.


I can confirm that these scripts are not part of the RPM which actually seems kind of weird considering the RPM is a pre-built binary for systems like RedHat… hehe… in any case, it’'s easy enough to grab them.


These scripts should be included. It’'s creating an extra step.

Actually the latest rpm builds alleviate the need for redhat-postinstall.sh. The RPM should be taking care of all proper permissions settings and such that the postinstall script used to take care of. (the only reason that script was necessary is because the previous RPM didn’'t take care of things for you)

Also, the init script removes the need for openfire.sh. (note that there’‘s no reason wildfire.sh should be there as it’'s not wildfire anymore) However I thought openfire.sh was still included regardless. It is on my install. (CentOS 4)