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Pre-define a set of bookmarks for all users?

I have a set of bookmarked rooms I would like to initially make the same for a set of users (doesn’t matter if they later desire to change them once they log in). How can I do this? I presume the bookmarks/saved rooms are stored on the server, probably in the database, because when I go to a different PC and log in via the Spark client, it remembers my bookmarks. Of note, all users will be running Spark client on Linux.

As a side note, where is the openfire server’s plugins directory located (for a windows installation)?

Thanks everyone.

You can use the Bookmarks plugin to push bookmarks to users or groups of users. By default plugins folder is located in C:\Program files\Openfire\plugins

Thank you for the fast response, sir. I figured it may be this, but after I imported bookmarks.jar file using the web UI, it could not find the file, so I figured I have to place it inside the Plugins directory. I will try this now.