Preferences in Spark 2.6.3 for OSX 10.10.1 not avaliable

In the latest version of Spark for Mac OSX, on OSX 10.10 Yosemite the preferences menu only shows under the file menu and not under the Spark menu and will not open to make changes to preferences. I have looked through the local library folder under the user library and was unable to find a config file to edit as well. This affects notifications, plug-in configurations and such making it very difficult to use the Spark client. I was hoping to submit this as a bug for the tracker but I dont see any options to allow me to do so.

Tickets can only be filed by a few dedicated users. Bugs should be reported in the forums first. There is an old ticket about that issue . I have updated it with your information. But the problem is that there are no Mac OS developers here (actually no active Spark developers at all at this point). So, this probably won’t get fixed soon.

Probably still has the same issue, but it would be useful to test the latest 2.7.0 build. But the build system here provides only tar.gz archive for Mac OS, no dmg. Not sure how can one run this. On Linux you can just extract and run the Spark binary file inside. /Spark.tar.gz

Thanks for the update. I dont know if any of the developers at my company would be able to help but I will pass on the information just the same.

Just checking in here since it’s now June 2015 to say that Spark is still not showing the preferences menu after clicking on it when using Yosemite 10.10.3. Also note that while Spark used to play the sounds selected, it became quiet last year, and now when someone IMs or I IM someone else, no sound plays, though that had been selected as an option to play sounds when sending and receiving messages. Since the preferences menu is not able to be selected, I can not longer access that menu. So I have no sound and no preferences menu.

Mary, just to clarify, you are using 2.6.3 version probably? I have filed a ticket for this:

But as i said above, there are no Mac developers currently to fix this and more problems with recent Mac OS versions. All projects here are driven by a few volunteers, so if nobody steps in to help, it will stay this way. Also there is currently a problem with a build system and new installers for Mac can’t be produced. The only volunteer working with that system can’t figure out the problem so far. I suggest using some other client, as it seems this won’t be fixed for a long time.

Thanks for asking!

Yes, it’s version 2.6.3.

Appreciation for you for your keeping up with this thread! I saw your ticket and just wanted to update with another user issue since the last one there I saw was from December. Hoping if someone stumbles in, they’ll know this is an active thread.

I’m not a programmer, just a forced user, lol, as my employer’s using Spark. It works on my PC, of course, but I want to run it on my Mac, and our in-house engineering is PC-based.