Preferences Window Left Hand Panel width insufficient


It appears that the width of the left hand panel in the preferences window isn’t wide enough.

Please see the screenshot attached.

This is happening to me on my box where i upgrade older Spark with every new build, but it doesn’t happen if you start with a fresh profile, so i suppose this is some old values causing this. Not saying this is ok, but you can fix this by starting with fresh and spark.layout files.



I deleted the mentioned files, and yes, the panel was the correct width, but there were far fewer options.

I closed and re-opened the preferences window and this time the number of options was greated, but again the scroll bars were there.

Could it be the “Taskbar Flashing” label is not wrapping and the width causes the scrollbars?

Don’t know what’s the cause. But for me it only happens now if i click Appearance > Colors tab.