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Preparing Openfire for Audio/Video calls with Conversations

Later this week, the popular Android client Conversations will have an exciting new release that will allow you to make voice and video calls.

For this to work well with your instance of Openfire, it is recommended to make use of a STUN and TURN service. I’ve personally experimented with coturn, which I’ve found easy to use.

After you’ve set up the STUN and TURN service, you’ll need to configure Openfire to expose the availability of this new service to your users. You can do this easily with the External Service Discovery plugin for Openfire.

After you install the plugin, you can add your TURN and STUN services to its configuration, as shown below. This will allow clients to discover the availability of these services!


Take care to read up on the authentication mechanisms that are available in your TURN server, to prevent unrelated third parties from making use of your bandwidth.

That’s all to it!

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I wonder how much effort it would take to convert the old legacy media proxy in Openfire into a modern TURN server. It can do media relaying, but it is based on an out-of-date spec. - https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/blogs/ignite/2007/03/14/ring-ring

The other option would be to turn the jingle-nodes plugin into a TURN server. I found an old blog about that - https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/blogs/ignite/2012/03/17/jitsi-jingle-and-openfirejs

Dear Guus

I use Openfire 4.5.1 and read your note with hope due to the actual requirements and challenges, and find various things that make me think twise on what you say

1st) Conversations is a pay app, so why we should take in count to use it, enterprise or personal benefits please!

2nd) Differences between CoTurn and the Ignite STUN server, I have installed both, but I don’t know significative differences.

3rd) I have NextCloud as a cloud store and web apps, i’m also checking Talk an Jsxc for chat, both uses a STUN server, which one should i use: Coturn or Ignite STUN?

Thanks for your note and your answer.

BTW: External Service Discovery is not working as expected, shows extrange messages.

Hi Guillermo!

Although I used the Conversations client in this blog post, the same mechanism has now already been proven to work with other XMPP clients, including Siskin and Movim. It stands to reason that with this exciting new functionality being added to the XMPP ecosystem, more options will become available in the future! Each client has its own strengths and weaknesses, which will be important to specific people in different ways.

Coturn is third-party software, as opposed to the STUN plugin that’s available for Openfire. Coturn has a lot more options (notably: TURN) which, if applied properly, will vastly improve the quality of your calls. There are probably good alternatives to coturn available - I simply have not investigated. Please share your findings!

Worked almost like a charm for me.

First i used a password with some special characters like #%$ and so on an got an error when adding the server. After changing the password it worked.

Does anone know, if its poosible to install coturn on the same server as openfire? Or should it a dedicated server?

If your server is not under heavy load, it’ll be fine to combine them on one host.

Just to note that Conversations, version 2.7.1+fcr, is available for free on the Android F-Droid repo - version added on 2020-03-14

Though Conversations, version 2.8.0+pcr, is available via the PlayStore at a small cost - version added on April 26, 2020

I found the presentation at the following link, by Conversations lead developer, Daniel Gultsch, to be interesting - The state of the XMPP Community (summer 2019): https://media.ccc.de/v/froscon2019-2448-the_state_of_the_xmpp_community#t=4

Guus my friend.
My openfire server is installed on Windows 2008 Server with Active Directory. Could you tell me how can I install Coturn?
Thank you.

I am far from a coturn expert. My advice would be worse that what you can find with a few Google searches.

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