Preparing Spark 2.7.2 release

As usually, Daryl, i need release tagged, installers and checksums. Thanks.

Almost forgot. If possible, we need this solved (Java 8 bundling) or move it to the next version [SPARK-1615] Update bundled JRE with the latest version - Jive Software Open Source

wroot, do you want Spark to be built with Java 8 as well?

I’m building it with java8 at home in eclipse since java8 release and it seems to work fine. So, yes, we should switch from outdated java7 completely and build Spark with java8.


53d8f7fd7e527511caaa8b217a4338d0b60bf60f spark-2.7.2.rpm

3cbb1dda318fac186fc866275679904c225a4520 spark-2.7.2.src.rpm

bd63a0a47620dc0489ca54ec7ec1060c57300692 spark_2_7_2.deb

c30947926340d63cd27d09c173314139f878a1e1 spark_2_7_2.exe

eafdf33830d5847405c6302348ab5f724ba5106a spark_2_7_2.tar.gz

26557ec1c5de28f0f0fbaa8aa99853c8c1e052cd online/spark_2_7_2_online.exe

Amazon S3 is synced and the website will update shortly.

Thanks, Daryl