Prepopulate Spark with Openfire groups

Im new to openfire/spark, so bear with me…i’m needing to prepopulate or simply populate a spark client with the groups I have within Openfire…its kinda tough manually adding 40-50 contacts (or more) on each client. Is there something I am missing? If it matters we are using connecting to a AD LDAP server…all of the users and groups show up fine within Openfire. My only problem is for each new Spark client…i have to manually add every contact. Not fun.

Under the group settings in the Openfire admin panel, you should be able to share the contacts between groups by enabling sharing under the “Contact List (Roster) Sharing” section. I’m not sure if that works with groups created in AD, but I know our Openfire users can view all other Openfire users simply by sharing the group they are in with everyone else.

Thanks. This helped me fix the issue. I do need to specify the exact group name they are already a member of, otherwise it displays the group twice on the client.

It may be displaying them twice because you’ve already set them up manually once before and now it’s also adding them automatically. I haven’t run into that problem before…??