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Presence and VoIP using Spark and asterixIM


My project requires IM combined with VoIP and I thought of using wildfire and Sprak with asterixIM and Asterix.

I was installing Astrix windows version) Wildfire and spark. I followed the step by step configuration of Asterix IM and configured a few users. I do not see any functinality in spark to intiate a voice call am I missing something?


You won’‘t see the voice call functionality until you configure a phone mapping for that user in the wildfire admin console. Under the Asterisk-IM tab, select phone mappings and add a user/asterisk phone mapping. I don’‘t know anything about the specifics of the configuration yet, but you will at least see a “Call” button in the IM window after you’'ve done this.

i think Asterisk IM is not a VoIP. This is just conecting your IM client with phone.