Presence data when joining a room xiff 3

im brand new to this stuff (everything involved) and could use some help! im trying to get a list of participants after i join a room. i know im not doing this correctly so if anyone can post an example of how to do this id appreciate it

first i set up event listener

connection.addEventListener(PresenceEvent.PRESENCE, onPresence);

all i want to do for now is at least get it posted to a log area so i can see what im working with


but all im getting is

[object Presence]

i should mention im sifting through the xiffgui example provided in the nightly but it could be a while before it makes sense to me

Try this -

Stick a presence listener on the room:

_room.addEventListener(RoomEvent.USER_JOIN, onUserJoin);

then this…

private function onUserJoin(event:RoomEvent):void


var userJoinPresence:Presence = Presence(;