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Presence information for anonymous users

We are developing a Flash based IM.

This IM client will work on a site and will run on a browser.

The idea is to do chat conversations with anonymous people… so we don’'t use roster list in the client.

However we are facing some problems with the presence handler.

If a user isn’‘t in a roster list, we can’'t get the presence (online/ unavailable). If they are in the roster list, we get the presence info…

Is there a way to get this information with Jive? So that our client would receive presence information no matter if users are in a roster list or not.

Thanx a lot!!

A possible solution I can think of, though this would take editing messenger code, would be to add online users to a Shared Group in Jive, and remove them when they go offline. It might be easier to think of a solution if you can give some info on the problem you are attempting to solve.