Presence just isn''t working

In Spark, we have no presence info at all. None.

Presence works fine in Psi.

We’'re using LDAP groups.

What is there, Spark-wise, I can do to make presence work? I honestly don’'t get this, having bumped my head against the wall for a while now. Are there known issues, or should this just work?

User accounts populate fine, from groups. There they are. And they’'re all off-line, If I click ''em and message, messaging works fine. Just no presence data.


Not that it helps, but I had the same issue with the LDAP groups, specifically Active Directory. When you switch to the internal groups presence works just fine. I can’‘t remember if I read similar issues in the Wildfire groups about this, but that is when I discovered it. Something about the roster not updating unless services were restarted. I’'d rather manage my own groups for now.

Wildfire/Snap is so close to being “just right.” So close! The LDAP integration is almost perfect with AD. To be held up by such a small element of the pair’'s functionality! So close . . . and yet so far.

Thanks for the hints. A better mind than mine might’'ve had an “aha” moment from ''em.

Ok Rasqual, is your server public for me to test on. If so, I’'ll resolve this issue.


Any luck yet? Did you happen to receive that narrative by e-mail, where I noted that the three radio buttons aren’‘t working at all intuitively – and that the third one doesn’‘t provide for doing the second one’‘s functionality as well as providing for other groups’’ members to see the treated group’'s members?

So really, there’'s not only a presence problem (with LDAP only?), but there may be a fundamental problem with Wildfire on just this issue.

Hi Rasqual,

This is defintly something odd in Wildfire with your LDAP. I’'ll be talking with gato about this to see what we can do.