Presence of ContactItem in Spark UI is not changed

Hi Spark devs,

The Presence status of Contact Item in a group of Spark UI is not getting changed if that user changes hist status.


I logged in Spark as User1

I have a contact group “Friends” with a contact Item “User2”

The default Presence (Status) of User2 is showing as “Away”

I logged into Spark UI from other host with user “User2”

Updated my presence as “Available”

But the “User1” presence on User2’s Spark UI is not getting changed to User2’s current status.

Can some one help to resolve this please.

Thanks, Venu

In the future post such questions in Spark Support, not Spark Dev.

What version of Spark? Are these users local (which you have added to the roster manually by Add contact) or are you using Shared group or LDAP integration?

Thanks Root, I do that.

I am using spark 2.7.6 and Open fire 4.2.

I am integrated openfire with custom db(my Oracle local data base) and the users are stored in my local database.

When I am changing the status on spark UI, I can able to to see these updated status in Openfire admin console(Client sessions).

But these are not getting updated on Spark client UI.

Thanks, Venu

I’m using the standard database (embedded) and i don’t see such issue. Maybe that’s a problem with the custom database.

Thanks for reply, but status is getting refreshed on Open fire properly and on spark UI only is its not getting refreshed.

If log out and log in on Spark UI, then I can see the updated status.

There should be a recurring task running on spark client which tries to get the user status or on open fire server should poll it on spark UI when user changes his status on the other end.

Could you please let me know, in spark/Open source code, where(in which class and method)the user’s status gets updated?

Thanks, Venu

I’m not a developer, so can’t say exactly how it works. But i think that when presence changes, Spark sends an update to the server and then Openfire pushes this change to all the interested users (who is subscribed to that user’s presence). I don’t think Spark is polling all the contacts. This will be inefficient. You can try looking for ‘presence’ in both Spark and Openfire sources.