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Presence Plugin - Always Returns Null

I’ve recently migrated a 250+ user installation of OpenFire from Mac OS X on PPC to Windows 2003 Server. The Presence plugin returns the correct icon for status, but whenever using the type=text option, the result is always null.

Information on the Setup:

LDAP to Active Directory

Presence Plugin set to allow anybody to access information

Anybody else encounter this? I can post the config if necessary…

Hey Tony,

Note that when asking for text what you are actually receiving is the presence status and not the presence type. Try using xml to get more information about the presence of the user.


– Gato

Hey Gato, thanks for the reply!

Well that was interesting…

Here’s what I got back:

0 09ee8f9d86ea083d7c9007fd928a64996d30f9c3.

I’ve reloaded the plugin and I still get the same result. null or a bunch of Hex. I haven’t seen anything in the logs that looked helpful either.

Never mind, I’m an idiot…

I should really learn how to use the “View Source” option…

Hey Tony,

I’m now curious. What was it? Or what is it that you see in the source that is not displayed?


– Gato

When using the &type=xml I saw: 0 538a69bc150b3f3e8206a4912e62b4a2b589f97f

This was in Safari. I though it would have shown me the xml. My mistake.

The source had:

<presence from="tmarkel@im.mycorp.com/iMack">


<c node=“http://www.apple.com/ichat/caps” ver=“604” ext=“audio video recauth maudio avcap avavail rdclient rdserver ice auxvideo mvideo”/>





So that made sense.

Also, when one of the default status messages is selected in iChat It returns “null” when &type=text is appended to the url. Seems to be that way for all chat clients. If a custom message is placed in for presence, that appears in the xml and text. If it’s the default “available” or “away” then a null presence status message is sent.

So I guess, I was just expecting different output based on the input I was giving the client.

Not a big deal, although it would be cool if it would have two more “default” messages: Available and Away in addition to the “unavailable”. Of course it would have to be localized. But in order to do that, I would imagine you’d have to detect browser localization settings, and if it’s being run by a script as part of a “in-out” board, then, you’d have no way to know that… Oh boy.

Anyway by the time i figured it out I just felt like I really should have tested more before I posted a comment to the forum.



Hey Tony,

No worries. Nothing will take you this learning experience. Glad that you figured it out.


– Gato