Presence Plugin Error

I have installed the Presence Plugin succesfully and setup Presence Visibility to Anyone.

when i try use de plugin get:

i have tried all, please help me.


is really your server name (xmpp.domain)? I wonder if a configuration based on IP addresses is supported by the plugin, a lot of things tend to NOT work while using the IP address instead of the xmpp.domain.


Hey crisan,

Evidently the server is running in since it is responding to your requests. However, the forbidden error you are receiving may be triggered by any of these 2 cases (when Wildfire is configured so that anyone can see a user’'s presence):

  1. The server name of your Wildfire server is not but something else. The jid and req_jid parameters should be using your server name in the user’'s domain JID. Eg.

  2. If your server name is then crisan@ is not a registered user.


– Gato