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Presence Plugin feature request: redirects instead of image delivery


the presence plugin offers nearly the same functionality as the http://big.oscar.aol.com/aol-screename server. Anyhow there is a big difference in delivering the content. The AOL server just sends a very short “302 Moved Temporarily, Location: http://…” message to a static image while the Wildfire plugin always sends the picture. This picture is not cacheable because of the ‘’?’’ in the URL and may be 100 times larger then the “302” response.

Is it possible to modify the plugin to send HTTP redirects to static images to the client? This would make it possible to use even larger images and not only these small icons.

The browser will also display the web page a little bit faster if one is using a dialup internet connection.

About the avatars which also use a ‘’?’’ to display a static image I posted in the jivesoftware.com forum


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The XML output displays the reason and the status :

Is no one the maintainer of the Presence Plugin?

If I had the time I’'d provide a patch, this should by a minor change.


Thanks for the feature request and follow-up. The fix is actually just about done. I’'ve filed this as JM-602.