Presence plugin feature request

I have a feature request for the presence plugin. We have an intranet using sharepoint, and I can include an HTML box that shows the presence of our jabber users by linking to the presence plugin ‘‘image’’ type. However, there is no way to include the actual text of their status message, as ''type=text" just returns plain text. Would it be possible for another type, perhaps “imagetext” that creates an image with the status icon, as well as the status message text. This would make it easy to include in other HTML pages.

Right now the only thing I can think of is to use an iframe or XMLHTTP javascript chunk to inline include whatever the contents of ‘‘type=text’’ but thats pretty messy.


the “type=xml” may be much better than text, so the client can render the page depending on the information found there which contains the status, the priority and “show” which contains the custom text.

If you’'re a Java coder you may want to download the Openfire source and modify the plugin according to your needs.