Presence plugin, output presence of all/selected users

Hi everyone

I’m about to start evaluating OpenFire as an XMPP server and hoping to tie it in with our Zimbra server. So using Zimbra’s OpenLDAP directory for user auth, and pre-populate the user roster from an LDAP group. From my investigation already, it looks like that should be possible. We’re only a small business of 12 users so it will be a very low-traffic server.

My question is about being able to output the presence status of users on the XMPP server.

I’ve found the presence plugin at

But is there a plugin that will allow me to output the presence status of all registered users?

With options to filter the output by display name, user ID, offline/connected/away?

Or is this info cached in a database somewhere that I can query myself?

I’m more than happy to knock up a PHP script which can handle the querying, filtering and output etc.

I’m looking to build a Zimbra addon (Zimlet) to allow users to view everyones IM presence status. The Zimbra addon should be simple, just looking to find a way to get the presence info out!

Cheers, B