Presence plugin plain text answer broken in Wildfire 3.1. beta 2


The presence plugin always returns null if the answer is requested as plain text. In xml and default works fine. I´m using latest Wildfire 3.1.beta 2

I´ve tested it in 3.0.1 and it works well.

Can you check it ?


This is what appeared in warn log :

2006.09.25 18:37:26 The presence servlet received an invalid request of type: ‘‘text’’

This is what i´ve sent:



I can’'t reproduce this while a user is logged in. If a user is offline it is indeed ‘‘null’’ and not “Offline” or “unavailable”.

Is it for you really always ‘‘null’’?

JM-857 to track this issue.


Thanks, indeed when the user is offline it returns ‘‘Online’’ although when offline returns null. Didn´t know what i´ve done previously, but it was always returning null…My mistake.