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Presence plugin type=text/xml not returning anything

Server version is 4.6.2
Plugin version 1.7.2

I can request user statuses fine when I don’t include a type query string param.

  • When I set type to text I get null back from the server
  • Setting type to XML returns the following:
<presence from="someone_special@domain.tld/ucaas-1bFrVAnzwzLZbaPhPCR6CU"/>

You can see there’s no meaningful information AFAIK being returned from the server.

Anyone have any ideas why text/xml statuses are not coming back correctly?

I am not sure if anything is wrong. Although very basic, what you get as a result is a “presence available” stanza.

To test things out, I tried running a server in demoboot mode (which automatically configures Openfire with an embedded database and two users, installed the inVerse and Presence plugins, and logged user ‘john’ in with the inVerse client.

When I then make this request:


then this is the body of the response that I get (formatting is mine):

<presence from="john@example.org/converse.js-91497261">
    <c xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/caps" hash="sha-1" node="https://conversejs.org" ver="++rpqEg4AFeEh+9zI4doy8ZTgyM="/>

That seems to be just fine.

Interesting, so that stanza indicates that the user is available then?

This must be me not understanding the message coming back. Where would I find information on what I can expect back and how I should interrpret the message?

Ok, I think I figured this out. I wasn’t setting the status so there was nothing coming back…

My issue :slight_smile:

The full syntax is defined here: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence