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Presence, Roster and Subscription issues

I’‘m using Smack to talk to Wildfire. I’‘m synching with LDAP for users and groups. I have a shared group configured in Wildfire to Show group in group members’’ rosters.

If user A and user are in the shared group and I log in as user A first, user B shows up as offline appropriately. When user B logs in, and his roster is retrieved he can see user A is online, but user A does not get a presence notification from user B and thus user A cannot see that user B is online.

It seems that user A only has presence subscriptions to those users in his roster through the shared group that are logged on at the time he first retrieves the roster.

Does anyone know what’'s going?



Anyone have any ideas???

Are presence subscriptions for roster members different for shared groups in the roster?

Looks like a bug, it doesn’‘t work for "Show group in group members’’ rosters" but works for the other two options.

And in Spark we when I change the “Shared Roster Groups” from, “Show group in all users’’ rosters.” to “Show group in all users’’ rosters.” I get an extra “Unfiled (0 online)” group which was not in LDAP.

Works fine when I switch from “Show group in all users’’ rosters.” to “Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:” and select the same group as the two users are on.

Thanks for the confirmation. How do I report a bug? The Jira instance referred me back to the discussion forums. Can one onf the developers enter this issue into Jira?