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Presence update, after user added to roster with REST API


we are using REST API to manage relationships between users. So we manage rosters for users on our server using REST API only. We have kind of “group” account, that user uses in our app, then new account is created on openfire and then we add roster items to all XMPP accounts in this group, that each accounts has all other accounts in the roster. It works pretty well, expecting one case:

  1. Two XMPP users are connected to the Openfire server, they don’t know each other
  2. we link both users through roster, we add each other into roster with subscription type “both”
  3. We got update from openfire about roster change, however we DON’T get presence current status of the second user.

IMHO the REST API plugin should manage broadcast of presence to newly subscribed users, don’t it? Is there some workaround to handle this situation or is there a way how to update plugin itself?