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Presense in MUC bug or bugfix?

I just updated all my users to the latest build of spark (#609), and they are no longer able to see any room occupants. I found the only way to get this working now, is to enable “Anyone” to view the JIDs of room occupants. I came to this conclusion after i tested with an admin user, and a normal user (was trying to make sure it wasn’t the packet filter).

the presense packets that are sent to a user who can’t view JID of a user look like this

the presense packets for an admin user who CAN see JIDs

<item affiliation="none" jid="al.be@onyx.net/Spark 2.6.3" role="participant">

I have a workaround, so this doesn’t effect me, I’m just posting here in case something was “broken” in an attempt to fix something else.

(sorry i’m not a programmer, hopefully this will be helpful to someone though)

I’m using 609 build and i can’t reproduce this. Can you explain what exactly the issue is for you and what are the settings of your room? I have just created a room with default settings and JID is showing only for Moderators. I have joined it with two users and i can see the list of participants in the room.