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Preset bubby list?

I am deploying the wildfire server and spark chat client to my company. Is there a way to set up the buddy list that spark will use before hand, so that the tech challeged don’'t have to add contacts to get started using the product. Maybe a XML document or database table?

Hi John,

You could use the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jspregistration plugin[/url] in conjunction with Wildfire’‘s shared roster group feature to automatically put new users in the same group when they register. This will allow everyone will be able to see everyone else who has signed up, which may or may not be a problem depending on the number of users you’'re expecting.

Hope that helps,



or you could do what Derek suggested and use “the “Shared Group” feature in WildFire”.

Add some groups and users, then take a look at the JIVEGROUP and JIVEGROUPPROP tables.


If you have two users testuser1 and testuser2 and they want to be in a group named “Foobar” you may want to run this against your database:


INSERT INTO JIVEGROUPPROP VALUES(’‘test’’,’‘sharedRoster.displayName’’,’‘Foobar’’);

INSERT INTO JIVEGROUPPROP VALUES(’‘test’’,’‘sharedRoster.groupList’’,’’’’);

INSERT INTO JIVEGROUPPROP VALUES(’‘test’’,’‘sharedRoster.showInRoster’’,’‘everybody’’);

INSERT INTO JIVEGROUPUSER VALUES(’‘test’’,’‘testuser1’’,0);

INSERT INTO JIVEGROUPUSER VALUES(’‘test’’,’‘testuser2’’,0);



or you could do what Derek suggested and use "the

“Shared Group” feature in WildFire".

Isn’'t that what I suggested?

Thanks guys. The plug in worked great. And the interface for the server admin is awesome!