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Prevent a user from closing/exiting Spark


I’'m new to Wildfire and Spark. Love the products so far. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to prevent a user from closing/exiting Spark? My boss would like Spark active at all times in the system tray.




there is no way you could use out-of-the box. I wonder if it would be possible to start it at logon as an privileged user so a normal user will not be able to terminate it. This could work fine until someone plugs out the network connection, the current version does terminate itself and launches itself again, this could cause real trouble.

We have a rule at work that one who uses a computer must read email in the morning, at noon and in the evening or three times a day. If one fails to do so after getting an important email the boss will find some nice words and even more. And it really works fine, the people take care of the rule.


I was recently introduced to Spark and love it so far. I see this is a very old post but can anyone tell me if this feature was added to Spark as yet? This is a must before I can deploy the software for use on our network. We are currently using Softros Messenger and it prevent users from exiting or signing out once they are still logged on to windows on the domain. Also a must is allowing them to sign in automatically (forced log in). Its over 300 users, so configuring each user one by one would not worth the effort. Why not a simple feature in Openfire that forces Spark to sign on once it recognizes the user’s name when they sign on to Windows like Softros Messenger does?