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Prevent users from clearing conversation history


If a user right clicks on their conversation and selects “Clear” it deletes the transcript log.

Is there a way to stop this? Possibly disable the clear button?

There is no way of disabling this button. Btw, a user can also delete his history by going into C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\username@servername\ and deleting the transcripts folder.

If you need this for referencing purposes I do recommend you get the “Monitoring Service” plugin for Openfire. This will enable a Serverside Archive that keeps a record of all the conversations and how long to keep the conversations archived in the server.

You didn’t mention which Spark version you’re running. But Spark 2.8.3 has the HIDE_HISTORY_SETTINGS option in the default.properties file. Also, the next release of Spark (v2.9.0) will allow you to control this feature from the Client Control plugin (v2.1.2) on the Openfire server.