Preventing Registration from Spark

I notice that once the IM gateway plug-in is installed, it adds the optiont for users to register through said gateway. Is there a way to prevent these options in spark from becoming available?

If not, as much as I would like to use Spark, it looks like I will have to continue using Gaim.

Everyone PLEASE vote for GATE-7

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grin Well for what it’‘s worth, that one is actually the big one I’‘m currently running through my mind right now… it’'s got a lot of votes. Perhaps I should mark it “in progress”. =)

for me, I rather have all the other basic IM issue solved first before considering access control. I am a little worried about a bunch of blocker in beta4 and 18 more issue to get to the stable release as I am eagerly waiting for a stable release. … I WANT STABLE GATEWAY NOW!!! sorry

I can’'t even imagine what a selling point IM gateway will be to my users if I can get a robust stable release

IMO the IM gateway is a BEAUTIFUL piece of art, considering the last time I used a gateway was with the py*’'s.

wmhtet - I agree in terms of stability, however, even being 100% stable, I know I could not implement it in my organization while utilizing the spark client without any access controls. It would be a madhouse!

The users I have let test Spark absolutley loved it over Gaim (current IM app). Yes, even though I am concerned with stable apps, I am also very concerned with my users comfort level with their apps. A happy user is a more productive user.

enjoy your weekends!