Preventing some users to chat with others

Hi everyone.

I hope this question has not been asked before (but i’m quite sure it has been but I haven’t found it in the discussions).

In my whole web application (this webapp offers other services than chat), users are managed in groups.

Each user of the webapp is a member of at least one group (most of the times they are members of at least 4 groups depending on who they are).

Depending of their groups, users can interact with other users.

So, I’m trying to setup an openfire server with some custom provider classes (implementing the AuthProvider, UserProvider etc…) to manage my users (some thousands) and groups (some hundreds).

And i was wondering if there is a way to use my already defined business (available in an external jar as an API) to prevent some users to chat with others users.




I was wondering if “packet filter plugin” could do the job ?

Is it possible to automate the rules of this plugin or do we must specify the rules by ourselves ?