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Previous SysAdmin didn't leave admin credentials behind

I need to find a way to reset the admin password for the admin console without losing the config or anything like that.

While I don’t have a login for the admin console, I DO have a login for the OpenFire database so I may be able to do this via a quick SQL query…can somebody please assist?

Thanks in advance!

If the password is not encrypted, then you can simply read it from the **ofuser **table. If it is, then you should be able to simply delete the encrypted one and add a plain text one instead. These two password fields are simply two separate columns in the database.

WARNING: I have never actually tried this, so I can’t guarentee it will work, but since you don’t have the password anyway, you don’t have much to lose.

I found that user and changed the password but that doesn’t appear to have worked. Is this the ony place the user would be stored?

Add your user ID into the ofProperty table., Then just use your username and password.

Into the root of it or below “name” or “propValue”?

add it to the admin.authorizedJIDs

The only fields I have under the ofProperty table are “name” and “propValue”…could this be why I can’t login?

no, you add admin.authorizedJIDs to the name column (or replace what is already there) and your jid to the propvalue column.

ofproperty table is a key/value table.

Ahh, got it…thanks! I appreciate everybody’s help.