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Previous users Login/log off within seconds

Wildfire 3.0.0

Postgres 8.1.x


8 GB Ram

Having a peculiar issues. I have a small number of users that have not had this issue before. They attempt to log in using Soapbox 1.5/1.6 Situation. Users who have logged in many times before, began having issues logging in using Soapbox. They log in to the wildfire server, then immediately they are logged out, no error messages, nothing in the logs that I see out of the ordinary. If I push them to another client (for this test it is PSI) they get logged in without issue. Has anyone seen this sort of behavior?


I just upgraded the server to openfire 3.3.3. some seem to be getting back on, but now they are not recieving messages or replies. They are all using SoapBox 2.5/2.6 and 2007… no other clients seem to be affected.

Hey guys. wanted to send this along to you. This turned out to be our S2S to google talk. This only affected the Soapbox line of clients. Something about the S2S connection to gtalk.com ON other clients everything was working normally, hoeever on the soap client it crashed the client. we cleared the nicks column in the db, re-added all contacts, but it didn;t work until after we killed the gtalk stuff. it has been working for almost a year, however it seems that something died recently.