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Privacy List Message Blocking

I see that Wildfire supports privacy lists as of release 2.5.0. I am trying to use this feature with a Pandion client, thinking that I would see server side blocking of chat messages. Instead, when I block a user with Pandion, I can use ethereal to see the packets still coming in from Wildfire even though I have supposedly blocked the user with Pandion. I guess the client is doing the real “blocking” in this case.

Does Wildfire’'s privacy support only consist of maintaining my privacy list or does it actually do message blocking? Is this a compatibility problem with Pandion client?

I am very interested in using privacy lists, but would obviously like to block these messages at the server if possible.

I am pretty new to XMPP / Wildfire, so sorry if this question is answered somewhere else. I searched the discussion groups and couldn’'t find an answer.

Hey Stephen,

Are you using the Block menu option in the context menu to block a user? As far as I know Pandion does not have support for privacy lists. I just checked latest version (2.0) and what they do when you click on Block is to change the presence subscription so that the other person cannot see when you are online. So Pandion is not using privacy lists to indicate the server to do the blocking work that you would like to do.

When we implemented Privacy lists we used TKabber to test the functionality besides some manual test cases. Since then we have experimental support in Smack for privacy lists. Besides Smack and TKabber I’'m not aware of other client or library that supports privacy list.

Hope that helps.


– Gato

TKabber solves all my problems and facilitates the server message blocking I was looking for. Thanks so much for your help. You guys rock.

Stephen J.