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Privacy list: to block user in all channels

My Problem is that I want to ignore a user in private chat but also in public channel (MUC).

I resolved this issue in Openfire 3.7.0 with add two JID to my privacy lst:

  • username@servername (to ignore whisper)
  • conference@servername/username (to ignore user in all channels)

Since the update to Openfire 3.7.1 it works only for whisper, but not anymore for public channels.

How can i fix that?

Hi, did you ever get anything back about this? We’ve been looking at the same thing (how to block user in MUC rooms as well as whispers) and we can’t get it working in the public rooms either. If we can find an old link to the 3.7.0 download we can prove it used to work then I’m happy to look at the source.

I just managed to dig out a 3.7.0 version and it doesn’t seem to work in that following your steps above. Any chance you could provide the packets you send?

OF-846 is linked to this post.