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Privacy Lists do not appear to be working with OpenFire

First I send this message to create a new list:

And I get this reply:

Now I try to retrieve my lists by sending this:

And I get this reply:

I get no error that the create failed yet when I try to retrieve my lists I get none? The messages above appear fine to me?

thanks in advance for any insight to this problem,


I don’t tested it with last version but in previous it works fine. I added privacy list functionality into spark.

From where do you send this command ?

First I tried the smack Privacy List classes using example code I found here http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/documentation/privacy.htm l.

When that did not work I sent the above raw XML messages via the debug ad-hoc message window that Smack makes available. Since I am sending the XML directly and not using the Smack API I figure it must be a server-side issue?

I am running OF 3.6.4.



Hi Kevin,

it also works with the current trunk and I’m not aware of any code changes in this part of Openfire. Would you please try to reproduce this with igniterealtime.org - there the current trunk is used.

PS: You have different addresses in your sample packets - I wonder whether this is a copy & paste issue or the reason for the problems you see:

from=‘test1@linuxlaptop/spark’ vs. to=“test1@linuxlaptop/Smack


Thank you for your reply. Must have been a copy paste error with ‘spark’ v. ‘smack’. Just reproduced now against my server verifying consistent resources of ‘smack’. Also sent same messages to igniterealtime.org and that did indeed work.

So there must be something with my server. Is there any configuration settings that may affect this? I have poked and prodded it often since setting it up.

My server is also built from the 3.6.4 source and I made a change to allow components to create pubsub subscriptions, but that should not affect privacy lists.

I am always hesitant to put latest “trunk” code into a production environment so that is why I built from the 3.6.4 branch instead of latest.