Privacy update list

In my code I’'m doing the following.

In the first run:

ArrayList) privacyList.getItems();

for (PrivacyItem item : list) {

if (item.getValue().equalsIgnoreCase(“user@domain”)) {


privManager.setDefaultListName(“anothernameofexisting list”);

privManager.updatePrivacyList((“myname”, list);



On that second run I get the following exception:


at org.jivesoftware.smack.PrivacyListManager.setRequest( 7)

at org.jivesoftware.smack.PrivacyListManager.updatePrivacyList(PrivacyListManager. java:434)

at com.skyrider.agent.identity.IdentityConnection.unblockUser(IdentityConnection.j ava:987)

at com.skyrider.agent.identity.IdentityDispatcher.unblockUser(IdentityDispatcher.j ava:2355)

at java:24)


and the user is stil in the privacy list.

If I’'ll have a third run which is identical to the second, I will not receive this exception, and the user will be removed from the privacy list.

I tried it over and over , and it is consistent. It only happens with the last user in the priv list.

What am I missing here?

please help!!!

This is the update privacy list stanza that I’'m sending: