PrivacyItem class changes

Please make setOrder as public method. It’s awfull to recreate privacyList Items every time i need to change order of one Item in list.

This is into smack.packet.PrivacyItem class setOrder() method.

And update smack jar into spark repository.

Thanks a lot.

Please upload this patch into svn. (553 Bytes)

I have created SMACK-317 for this. Don’t you have rights to create Smack tickets?

Somebody please upload this patch into svn !

Anybody here ? Please resolve this issue.

I believe someone is now handling smack and preparing for quite a large update - they may roll this in with their update/release.

Also - they may also want to test it first - so not sure on that as well

That would be me .

You are correct. I will try to address incorporating patches between the beta and final release. I will not be making any more changes before the beta release, which will hopefully be in early January. Too much other stuff to do between now and the end of the year for me and others whose help I require.

I know there are many outstanding issues that people would like resolved, but my priority is to get a release process in place and get the existing fixes and improvements into peoples hands to show that the project is not dead.

Rest assured, some of those issues will be resolved before the final release, and contributed patches make for low hanging fruit .