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Private chat within the room


I am developing web based chatting.

Right now i want to develop one to one chat within the room. I have created room and also my public chatting is working fine.

For developing private chat i am using PacketListener for listening any incoming packet of type chat.

But when i send any private message my PacketListener donot sense any other user message packet and just returns multiple copies of my send message.

I have also check with PacketCollector but i am getting same result.

Also, when i send a message immediately i listen for the message packet with either PacketListener approach or PacketCollector approach.

I am sending one of the output pattern i got.

Please kindly help me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Document1.txt (8076 Bytes)
Document4.txt (9008 Bytes)

I am still getting the same output but the reapeatation of receiving packet and repeatation is littel bi difference.

Please help me in this sinario.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.