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Private groups

Hi to eevryone,

I’m new with openfire server, I have already installed and configureb it with basic options and all works fine.

I have created 2 groups and all users are member of a group.

I want that all groups are private, I mean that all user must be inside a group and cannot see the other member of others groups neither add them on their contact lists, is this possible ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Yes, this is the default when you configure a group unless you ‘share’ it with another group.

Is it not doing that?


I have user1 inside group1 and user2 inside group2, both user are not admin.

Disable contact list group sharing is checked for both group.

If user2 try to add user1 as a contact (using spark as a client) user1 receive the roster invitation and can confirm.

Is possible to prevent this ?

Yes, you can use the subscription plugin to block requests.

Hi David,

thank you it works great!!!