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PrivateDataManager.getPrivateData(element, namespace) issue


I saw the following bug (?):

If I have a Private XML Data in my storage, which has the namespace “test:test” and the element name “sample”, the call

PrivateDataManager.getPrivateData(“otherelement”, “test:test”)

will still give me the private data with element name “sample”, although I requested “otherelement”.

It seems, only the namespace is queried.

This is probably not a Smack bug, but the Smack documentation says otherwise:


Returns the private data specified by the given element name and namespace. Each chunk

of private data is uniquely identified by an element name and namespace pair.


The XMPP specification is not exactly clear, on how to handle this:


If at all, it is an Openfire bug, I think.

What do you think?