Problem accessing /index.jsp

Windows 2008 r2, update my openfire to 4.0.2 from 3.9.0

Clients connect normaly. Admin console after enter the password list this error

What’s the exact error? have you stopped Openfire before upgrading (service still running maybe)? Is it connected to AD/LDAP?

When i come to localhost:9090 i have this message


Problem accessing /index.jsp. Reason:

Server Error

Yes, I’am stopped Openfire before upgrade (service installed, but not runned)

No have connect AD LDAP

p.s. sorry for my english

Is service running now?

Can you check /Openfire/lib/ folder and make sure all the files in there are of 2016.03.21 modification date? Should be 13 jar and 1 xml file in there. If not, then something went wrong with the installation. You can stop the Openfire and repeat the upgrade process. You can do this anyway.

Service is not running (disabled)

Some date of the file in this folder (/lib) have are date 21.03.2016

Why is it disabled? I suggest enabling it and running. You shouldn’t use Openfire Launcher if you have service installed. If you have Openfire installed in Program Files and you run Launcher without “Run as admin” option, you will run into problems because of UAC protection. Running as a service avoids such problems.

Some date of the file in this folder (/lib) have are date 21.03.2016

Do you mean that not every file in there is of 21.03.2016 date? Then you upgrade process was not completed. You should stop Openfire and run the setup again.

Thank You very much. All is working after reinstallation