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Problem accessing /redfire/video/redfire_2way.html Not Found

I installed Red5-0.9.1.exe to a dedicated server and can accesss http://:7070/redfire and http://:5080/demos from both inside and outside the domain. I can run the samples from both websites. Installed Openfire 3.7.1 and Spark 2.6.3. Installed the redfire plugin from redfire-370-0.0.06.zip and added it to the Spark plugin folder.

Can chat both inside and outside the domain fine. But when I attempt to do a videochat through the Spark client I get Problem accessing /redfire/video/redfire_2way.html Not Found

Looks to me like it is trying to access the wrong web address. Can someone verify that I have used the correct install files? Or is there something else wrong?
error.log.zip (899 Bytes)

Nevermind… it works. I must have fat fingered more than once when attempting to get the Spark plugin from http://:7070/redfire/spark/redfire-plugin.jar. Everything works now. Now onto SparkWeb…